What’s not to love about German shepherds? When you think about a German shepherd, you probably imagine a loyal, determined guard dog that would give up his life to protect his human. They make fantastic companions and are often praised for their fearlessness — there is little that these super-intelligent pups can’t learn, given the training at the right age.

Well, Sarge, a German shepherd dog might seem just like that on the surface, but Cheryl Stephen, his owner’s habit of rescuing animals has revealed a much softer side of him. Turns out, Sarge is a complete softy when it comes to injured and orphaned fawns. He is making headlines for his inspiring and unlikely new bond with another animal.

Sarge, a 9-year-old German Shepherd, lives in a regular home out in Ohio, covered by nature. The woods all around, are home to all kinds of wildlife, particularly deer. He was living a pretty normal life until everything suddenly changed when his mom brought home an orphaned fawn, named Buckwheat.

“We live on a little ‘farm’ in Ohio, but the animals here aren’t raised for food. They’re raised to be loved and cherished, like all animals should be,” Stephen explained. “I’ve been bringing home strays since I was a little girl and I’ve never stopped. I have two sons and they are animal-lovers too,” the woman elaborated.

When Cheryl Stephen made the decision to bring home an orphaned fawn she found lying in the middle of the road, she wasn’t sure how Sarge would react. However, to her surprise, Sarge instantly stepped in to become a temporary babysitter for the deer.

“When I walk in the door carrying a fawn, Sarge springs into action,” “He wants to check them over and he will frantically sniff and nose around to determine their condition.” “The fawns are drawn to Sarge and feel safe in his presence. Sarge won’t leave their side.”

Chery said that Sarge was brought home nine years ago. He’s the only full-breed dog she has ever had. The rest are mixed breeds or ‘mutts,’ which she happen to think are the best dogs! Most were dropped off or someone gave them to her because they couldn’t keep them anymore. “They are all wonderful and everyone gets along.”

After learning about his compassionate side his owners have now started regularly introducing him to animals who have come upon hard times. Most often these are fawns, or baby deer, who have found themselves in need of extra care. This is Sarge’s job and it clearly makes him proud!


“It is my hope that these pictures will help others see just how loving and affectionate deer are. They have a soul, just like us humans,” “If a dog can love and care for deer, people can, too.” said Stephen.