Your Dog’s Menu: Raw Dog Food Recipes That They Certainly Love

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Believe it or not, your dog is nothing more than a wild animal that has been domesticated for a long period of time. And, like people, their high-quality diet comes from the organic, native one. The best way for a dog to eat the native diet is by preparing a raw dog food recipe.

In the beginning, preparing a meal for your dog raw food can take a little more time than just filling a bowl of dog food commercials. However, after the establishment of reliable sources of raw ingredients and get a routine going, eventually it becomes very easy.

Most people who thrive on the raw chicken to use as the basis of the diet of your dog. Chicken is an excellent source of bone and fat, easy to digest for dogs, readily available almost everywhere, and relatively inexpensive.

Please note that your organs, bones and fat are all just as important as the meat in the diet alone dog. Feeding your dog a chicken without the skin, there is a genuine raw food diet.

A good rule to follow is 35% meat, 25% of muscle, bone, organs of 15%, 29% fat, and 5% of fruit and vegetables for the average adult dog. Puppies may, if necessary, slightly more fruits and vegetables.

The great thing about the raw food diet is that every meal does not have to be perfect. Some dog owners go overboard trying to thoroughly mix the ingredients together in order to achieve the exact percentages.

Really, it is too frustrating and a waste of time. Feeding raw is quite simple. Basically, regardless of the type of raw food, you have on hand, just to feed your dog. And then, at the time (about a week), try to incorporate more variety to achieve optimum balance.

Here are a few ideas for raw food recipes that your dog will really like:

1. Raw chicken or turkey

Cut the meat off the bones of poultry in large pieces from all over the skin and connective tissue intact. Feedings anywhere from 1/3 to 1 pound pounds, depending on the size of the dog.

2. Raw beef

Each piece of beef discount is allowed. This does not mean, however, ground beef. Cut the beef into small pieces.
If possible, get beef from a local butcher, not packaged from the grocery store because they are filled with sodium, preservatives and other ingredients secret.

Perhaps there is a farmers market in your area? Again, the feed dog anywhere from 1/3 to 1 pound pounds, depending on their size.

3. Raw Frozen Sardines

Do not thaw raw sardines before introducing them to your dog. Make sure that the bones, weight, and head are intact. Not every dog will like sardines, but go ahead and try.

There is an incredible amount of nutrition in sardines in this incomparable source of Omega-rich-3 and Omega-6, which will do wonders for your dog’s brain development, skin, and hair.

Two, maybe three sardines should be plenty for one meal. Other raw meat can contain green tripe, lamb and even goat.

The weight and size of your dog, in principle, determine the amount of food that should be eaten feeding. In addition, it is important to remember that feeding a dog treats them all day is not only a very bad habit, but it makes them an unbalanced diet as well.

Stick to raw dog food recipes and feed them the same hour of the day, in order to effectively optimize your diet and ensure their good health.

Note: Never give your dog cooked bones (of any kind), because they are fragile and can seriously damage your dog’s digestive system.


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